Prolific author and International speaker Dr. Myles Monroe speaks to authors.


Dr. Myles Monroe How to write and publish a manuscript

Best selling author Dr. Myles Monroe

He opened with two questions:

  1. “Why should you write?”
  2. “Why should anyone want to read what you write?”

Then he warned his audience: “If you don’t have answers to those questions you’re not ready to write.”

If you don’t know why you should write, here are a few reasons from Myles Monroe:

Reason to write #1:

“The world is ruled by dead men.” Most of the ideas that govern our societies, cultures, laws, religions and philosophies today were first written down by those whose lives passed from this earth long ago.

Writing gives you the power and ability to leave your thoughts beyond your grave. Ideas outlive men. Books outlive those who wrote them. Your book will outlive you and give your ideas, your voice and your influence life beyond your grave.

You do have ideas that are worth reading. Believe it. And your ideas should live beyond your generation. Nothing is a powerful as a book. No matter how much technology changes and evolves, whether it’s in printed, digital or audio format, the book remains king.

Dr. Monroe reminds us that “books are so important that God wrote one Himself.” If God used a book to preserve Divine knowledge, shouldn’t we consider the use of books to preserve our ideas beyond our generation?

Reason to write #2:

Your ideas, written in a book add to your credibility. Spoken ideas die when a person stops speaking. Written ideas receive credibility. It’s in human nature to accept the written word … even if the ideas written aren’t always true. Whether it is fair or deserved, published authors enjoy greater credibility for their ideas than those who have ideas but no books.

Reason to write #3:

A book allows you to multiply and expand your influence geographically and socially. It expands your capacity to impact people. A great public speaker can address 50,000 people in a single city to share her ideas. A great author can touch millions of lives around the world, free from the restraints of any single location or gathering.


Dr. Monroe tells the story of how he came to publish his first book.

Before he was an author, Myles was a speaker. After speaking to a group on the subject of living single, he was approached by a publisher.

The publisher told him, “Dr. Monroe, you’ve got to write a book.”

Myles answered, “I’m a speaker, not a writer. No thank you.”

The publisher argued, “You just received a standing ovation from those people, and they couldn’t take you home with them because you have no book.”

Monroe declined again, but offered to speak with the publisher in the morning.

That night God confronted Myles Monroe.

In Myles’ words, this is what God shared with him:

  1. If you don’t write, everything you know will die with you.

  2. If everything you know dies with you, the grave got all of your books.

  3. If you don’t write you are a generational thief.

Myles called the publisher early the next morning to set a breakfast meeting.

He told the publisher, “I’m no writer, but I don’t want God mad at me and I don’t want to be a generational thief.”

The publisher answered. “Just give me the cassette tapes of your teaching; we’ll transcribe them and make your ideas into a book.”

Monroe packaged up the cassettes and sent them to the publisher.

Three weeks later the manuscript arrived in Monroe’s mailbox with instructions to review and make any edits he thought necessary. Two or three rounds of edits back and forth from Myles to the publisher and his book was ready to print.

Myles Monroe’s first book, transcribed from cassette teaching tapes, was launched a few months later and became a best seller over night.

Myles Monroe obeyed God’s direction, and gave his ideas to the world through his books, becoming one of the best selling Christian authors of all time.

The rest of the story

Tragically, maybe even prophetically, at the peak of his career Myles Monroe, his wife Ruth and seven others were taken from this life in a private plane crash on November 9, 2014.

Myles was known for saying that the cemetery was the wealthiest place on earth because it had robbed the world of so many great books never published. But Myles Monroe, because of his faithfulness in sharing so many of his ideas through his books robbed the cemetery that day. At the time of his talk he shared that he had written 46 books – 40 of those were best-sellers. His books survive him. Because of his books his ideas, his message and his influence remain and touch lives today and will for many years to come.*

Thank you Dr. Monroe for leaving them with us.

Watch Dr. Monroe explain how to rob the cemetery.

*Monroe’s talk to the authors can be heard in its entirety at :

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