Over the last 2,000 years the Church has been infected by Greek philosophy and pagan beliefs that remain to this day.

How the Church Lost the Way exposes how Greek thinking and pagan beliefs have shaped what we’ve been taught and affects our understanding of the Bible, God, Church and everything in-between. In this provocative, entertaining and encouraging book, we will explore our true roots and discover practical keys to practice a true Christian faith.

The Church suffers from a terrible pagan virus that, after first attacking the roots of our faith has worked its way through every facet of Christian life. The name of the virus that has plagued the Church for nearly all of its history? Greek thinking! The Hebrew roots of our faith have been trampled, nearly to death, by Greek philosophy and pagan thought. The Church today is an almost unrecognizable deviation from the early Church recorded in Acts. Even the word “Church” has pagan roots! We are the “Ekklesia”, the Body of Yeshua. It’s time to return to a Hebrew understanding of our faith and His Word!

WARNING: This book may change everything you think you know about the Church and severely deepen your faith!


  • Why did the early church split over a single Latin Word?
  • Why is there a painting of Plato and Aristotle in the Vatican?
  • Why do we meet in churches?
  • Why were the descendants of the apostles so hated?
  • Why are priests celibate?
  • Why is the Bible so misunderstood?
  • Why is the Western Church in decline?

“It’s an extremely important book, a valuable book for anyone to read.”

Ken Hancock

Host, Stained Glass Radio

“Read this book; enjoy this book; but above all, learn the lessons of this book. They are profoundly important for the successful testimony of the true Church in these end days.”
Chris Hill

Bible teacher and Christian broadcaster

I wish this stimulating little book had been around when I was beginning to study theology. But, as they say, ‘Better late than never’.”

Mike Moore

Director, Christian Witness to Israel

“I highly recommend this book.”

John Pantry

AM show host, Premier Radio

“Steve Maltz takes us back to the roots of our Christian faith. He reminds us that Christians come from Hebrew stock and then explains how within the first century the church became infected with pagan thought and attitude. For many, the great Greek philosophers are only names but it was their ideas and methods that crept into Christian thinking as a pagan virus. Christian doctrine and practice has become tainted and Christians have become increasingly isolated from their Hebrew origins. Learning to think as the Christians of the first century thought is more than an academic exercise, it is the abiding challenge to walk in the way of Jesus. Whilst written in a distinctive style, readers will be rewarded by the insights this book affords.”

Christian Marketplace

“With great insight, explaining many concepts simply, Steve Maltz brings us back to the root of our Christian faith. I believe that every pastor and ordinand in the country will benefit from the reading of this book.”
Mark Weeden

Senior Pastor, Worthing Tabernacle

“… a telling style of writing, with witty and colloquial quips which bring smiles to the reader … whetting the appetite for more.”

David Pawson

writer and international Bible teacher

“I would also again want to share with you how much I liked your first book. It is difficult to believe someone who did not attend seminary or bible college could take academic material and recycle it for the consumption of ordinary Christians. The Lord allowed you to do a truly fantastic job by His grace. I would recommend this book. It echoes things that I have been saying for ages.”

Jacob Prasch

Founder, Moriel Ministries

“He urges today’s Christians to ‘return to the very beginning, to the mindset and beliefs of Jesus and His disciples, the Hebrew roots of Christianity.’ Much food for thought in this book. I am glad I read it.”

The Good Book Stall

“HOW THE CHURCH LOST THE WAY by Steve Maltz is a wonderful book that helps to explain the history of the Christian church. He takes you back to the days where Jesus walked the earth and shortly after his ascending to heaven. Here we find what happened to the church and why it is not the church described in the Book of Acts. A word of warning though as when you read this book you will never see things the same again. Steve connects the dots between the Jews and the Gentiles and gives us some creative ideas on how to get the “church” back on track. This would be an excellent study aid for small group studies and lively discussions.”