Creating Happy Holidays

A free gift for people who struggle with the holidays

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The holidays should be a festive time filled with incredible joy and celebration. But for many that just isn’t the case. With half of all marriages ending in divorce, stress and frustration is common in making holiday plans for children and families. Single parents struggling to make ends meet are unable to provide the kind of Christmas their kids expect from the barrage of television advertising. The holidays can be a difficult time for widowed spouses, divorced singles, those in full time care facilities or anyone particularly hard hit by this bad economy. It’s no wonder that instances of suicide, binge drinking and drug overdoses are higher during the holidays as lonely people attempt to find relief from the frustration and depression.

Most of my life I hated the holidays. Before I came to Jesus I would start drinkin’ and druggin’ about November and sober up about February. After I was saved, I didn’t drink and drug, I just managed my depression differently. While my family opened the gifts that I loved buying for them, I would often have to leave the room to handle the negative feelings that overwhelmed me.

Those days have been gone for many years now! I recorded this series “Creating Happy Holidays” to help people who had those same struggles. We at Impact Ministries would like to give this series as a free gift to you and to anyone who may feel down this time of year, with no obligation! On Christmas you can also join us for an on-line Christmas Communion. This will be a great time to share communion with your family or have a deeply intimate, private time of communion in your home.

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    I thank you for information shared

  2. Ronny Barron

    Thank you for all your teaching!! It is helping us tremendously!


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