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Moving On in Life After a Divorce eBook PDF format

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  • Author: Nadine Marsh
  • PDF Format – eBook

It’s Okay To Let Go: Moving On in Life After a Divorce is a look at the effects and trauma of divorce on the family. As seen through the eyes of a mother and her children, this book recounts the story of how their lives were almost devastated by the process. The insights and recommendations noted within are eye-opening and helpful to those going through the same experience.

In her transparency, Nadine Marsh gets to the point and lays out the natural human reactions expected when going through divorce. She adds valuable input as a guideline for those affected by the end of a marriage to start their path toward healing, moving forward to fulfilling their purpose in life.

The sections for journaling allow readers to record their emotions while processing and navigating their way to the other side of victory. Readers may be amazed by what will be revealed and unlocked from their innermost thoughts as they become honest with themselves during the thought-provoking questions noted. This book is a highly recommended read that is geared toward women and men looking for the way forward in minimizing the impact of divorce on their family members, helping them learn true forgiveness of self and others, and ultimately finding victory after all.


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