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A History of the Nephilim

What happened to the angels who rebelled against God and were cast down from Heaven? It is evident that they were imprisoned in earth’s vicinity; their former galactic freedom taken from them. Until the time of final judgment, they must share life space with God’s earthly creation.

Does their rebellion toward God continue in this terrestrial sphere? Have Satan and his fallen legions conspired to pursue a campaign of evil  against God’s earthly creation through the centuries? Do we possess  ability and weapons to recognize and thwart their evil strategy today?

We can say with reasonable confidence that there has never been a book on the subject of angels like A Conspiracy of Angels.

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James R. Spillman, in his masterful book, A Conspiracy of Angelsii, presents the persuasive possibility that the scapegoat is not actually a type of Christ. In English the goat is called scapegoat and in Hebrew he is called Azazel. Spillman describes this event and its meaning perfectly.
Dr. Jim Richards
Author, Teacher, Entreprenuer

The Story Unfolds

What happened to and through the angels of God that rebelled and were cast down from heaven? It is evident that they were cast down from heaven to earth and imprisoned in earth’s vicinity. Would Satan, their deposed leader, organize his hierarchy to lead them to follow an eons long campaign of unimagined evil?

God Had a Plan

God’s plan would be formulated around a person. The plan would itself be born of flesh in a humble stable. The incarnate babe would grow into the incarnate man. For three years the plan of God would be freely exhibited, and a full commentary on its intents and purposes patiently and profoundly given. The divinely demanded transaction by sacrifice would be offered on a barren hill outside Jerusalem’s wall.

Satan’s Own Incarnate Plan

Is it not logical to think that Satan also devised a plan, but with complete opposition and counter-action to everything in God’s plan?
One of his first strategies was to have the “sons of God” choose wives from among “the daughters of men” (Genesis 6:4), and have aberrant, mutated offspring that would control the affairs of men. These incarnate spirit beings (nephilim) grew into giants in stature and presumably of mind.

242 pages, 8.5″ x 11″ format over 200 subjects in 23 Chapters, Illustrated.

There has never been a book on the subject of angels like
A Conspiracy of Angels.

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