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Why Study the Bible in Hebrew?

The Jewish poet, Hayim Naliman Bialik, once said that to study the Holy Scriptures in any language other than the original Hebrew is like kissing a beautiful woman with a veil between your face and hers.

Play on Words

The first play on words is the creation of a woman. When Adam saw Eve for the first time, he called her an Ish (man) but realizing there was a difference he added the “ah” at the end: “Ishah”.  Perhaps when he saw Eve for the first time he thought it was just another “ish” but when she came into focus he declared: “Ahhhhh!”

Word Origins

Tracing the origin of a word can open up new meanings. For instance, the Hebrew word for worship is “shachah” can be traced back to a Ugaritic word describing a sexual relationship between a goddess and a human man. Thus, this word carries more than just mere reverence; it speaks of entering into an intimacy with God.

Use of Hebrew letters

Hebrew letters represent numbers, sometimes pictures. Their order in the Alphabet can be significant. In the word Adam, “dam” means blood. Aleph is symbolic of God because it is the first letter in the Alphabet and the construction of the Aleph spells the name of God. Thus God and blood give life to man.

I have only been reading through “Treasures of the Deep” for 3 or 4 weeks. However, It has stimulated my thoughts more than any other Devotional. I have learned so much about the Jewish way of thinking thru the “Treasures of the Deep” and ChaimBen Torahs Daily email then all the work I did while in Seminary for my Masters.
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