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Exploring the Language of the New Testament

Join ancient languages scholar Chaim Bentorah as he guides in exploring the language of the New Testament.

Jesus and the Apostles spoke Aramaic,

 the native language of Israel and the surrounding territories at the time. As religious Jews, they also knew Hebrew , but their everyday language was Aramaic.

most of the original New Testament was in Aramaic.

Today, mainstream Bible scholars agree that portions of the Greek New Testament, especially the Gospels were taken from what was already written down in Aramaic.

Here’s the question:

 If Jesus and the Apostles spoke in Aramaic, and if Jesus’ words and the story of his life were first written down in Aramaic, why don’t we study what they said in Aramaic?

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“I am thrilled to share the truths that Chaim Bentorah and his ministry has gifted us with. The language of the Bible is a powerful and needed study for the believer. Chaim Bentorah’s insight and experience unfold in every book I read. They are from a teacher, which comes out in the pages so even the novice like myself can benefit accurately. I am so grateful for the materials that are available.”
Mary Willoughby
Daily Word Study Subscriber

The Hebrew classes with Chaim have been transformational in my walk with the Lord and how I study the Word. It brings depth and a richness of meaning unlike any other study I have done, and I am able to share some of the insights with others that I disciple. I love how Chaim is so in tune with the heart of God and it translates through his teaching. I would highly recommend the All Access Program.
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