We’re not a “traditional” publishing company. We’re not a “self-publishing” company. We’re a “new publishing” company.

It’s time for Publishing 2.0.

Struggling to make your voice heard in a world of frantic change has become an epidemic challenge. We’ve got the cure – We’re here to help you reach your world.

True Potential was born from the merging of its sister companies – True Potential Publishing and True Potential Media.
Early in our history we learned a few critical lessons:

  • Getting our books into bookstores didn’t mean readers would buy them.
  • Distributors and bookstores aren’t responsible for selling our books – we are.
  • We are responsible for reaching our readers – not the distributor, not the bookstore.
  • Traditional advertising and marketing schemes almost always cost more than the revenue they produced.
  • Spending a lot of money didn’t necessarily mean reaching a lot of people. Sometimes it paid to spend money, sometimes ‘free’ advertising worked much better.
  • We found out that nothing we did was more effective than raving fans sharing our message with their friends.
  • We found that 21st century technology called for a 21st century business model.

The Bottom Line: Whether it was our publishing business or our media business, we learned a lot about sharing our message with the world in the 21st century. Human nature hasn’t changed. People share ideas and community with people. But the tools and technology we use to reach build and build communities has changed exponentially! For the first time in history you can literally reach the world with your message; we’d like to help.

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