Is your Manuscript finished?

Wow! Congratulations! You’re in the top one percent of potential authors who say they want to write a book. You’ve put a lot of hard work in to turn that ‘want’ into a reality. Again, I’ve got to say, ‘Congratulations!’
What happens now? What questions should you be asking before sending your manuscript to a publisher?

I’ve listed some important questions below that you’ll need to ask (and answer) now that you’ve finished your manuscript.

  • What is my manuscript word count?
  • Have I run a spell and grammar check?
  • Have I re-read my manuscript from start to finish to check for errors, typos, consistency and flow?
  • Do I have 4 – 6 friends/critics/associates who are willing to read my manuscript, check for errors, typos, consistency and flow, and give me their honest thoughts?
  • Have I  taken any suggestions from my reviewers above and made edits accordingly.
  • Have I created a draft Table of Contents?
  • Have I prepared an author bio?
  • Have I written a preface and/or foreword?
  • Do I have a list of reviewers to send the finished manuscript for pre-publishing endorsements?
  • When do I want my finished book on the market?
  • Have I chosen a publisher? If so, what were my reasons?
  • What do I expect my publisher to do for me and my book?
  • Do I have a current audience?
  • What am I doing now to build my audience
  • What is my goal for this book?
  • What are my marketing plans for this book?
  • Have I worked out a publishing budget?

Remember, finishing a great manuscript is just one part of a  process that makes your book a success. You’ve come a long way, your manuscript is ready for a publisher! That means you’re one step closer to sharing your book with the world! Congratulations!

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