• We’re not a “self-publishing” company.

  • We’re not a “traditional” publishing company.

  • We don’t believe those are the only options for authors in the 21st century.

We’re Publishing 2.0.

Ready to get started? Where are you now in the publishing process?

Just choose one of the three options below to begin your path to publishing success with True Potential.

Why “Self-Publishing” may not be your best option

Authors should be authors and not self-publishers; trying to wear both hats will prevent you from being your best as an author, and face it, do you really want to spend your time figuring how to warehouse, distribute and deliver your books to readers?

“Self-publishing” companies are just that. You’re still a “self-published” author, meaning you’re responsible for every aspect of your book’s success.

The publisher you choose should be in the business of selling books, not just selling authors. What I mean is, your publisher should make more of its revenue from selling books than selling “self-publishing” services to authors. 80% of True Potential’s revenue comes from selling books.

For a price, “self-publishing” companies will edit, format, print and ship books to you. In some cases, they’ll even put your book in their “catalog.” But if they’re not actively involved in distributing, marketing and selling your book, they’re not really a publisher; they’re a “publishing services company.” After the “service” is complete, you’ll understand why it’s called “self-publishing”.

Why “Traditional” Publishing may not be your best option either

Traditional publishers underwrite their publishing cost by publishing only well known or celebrity authors, guaranteed to sell tens of thousands of copies of any book they publish.

Traditional publishers often lug around an expensive, top-heavy, usually out-dated, infrastructure and rely on equally expensive and out-dated distribution systems. By the time all the ‘costs’ are added up, discounts given and the retailer returns counted there’s not much profit left. The traditional publishing model is simply too risky and too costly to take a chance on any author who doesn’t already have a proven audience in the multiplied thousands.

Why “New” Publishing with True Potential may be your best option:

At True Potential, we make 80% of our revenue from book sales. That means, even though we sell more than books, books are our lifeblood. We are in the book business. Unless we (and you) are selling your books, neither of us is happy.

You don’t have to be a TV superstar or mega-church pastor to publish with us. True Potential is geared toward Christian ministry and business professionals. If you already have an audience and are active in public ministry or business, we’re the publisher that can make your book a reality.

We’ve spent more than a decade and millions of dollars building our publishing skills, infrastructure, distribution network, and marketing channels; that’s what a publisher is supposed to do.

Publishing, printing, and distributing your book is our responsibility, and that includes our team of professional editors, artists, and designers. We’re also responsible for selling your book to bookstores, major online retailers, through our own websites, and through other specialty markets like television shows, churches, and our referral partners.

We pay a 15% royalty for books we sell through our own channels. We also create and distribute e-versions of your book and pay you a 50% royalty on e-book sales.

You can order additional books from us any time, in carton quantities, at a 60% discount. Remember, we’re your publisher; we’re responsible for having your books available when you need them. You never have to worry about making another print run when you’re low on books. And you’ll never have to worry about your book becoming “out-of-print” or unavailable.

Your book, your ministry or business, and your audience deserves a publishing model that was built for this century.