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Congratulations! You’re a published author – that’s quite an accomplishment! How does it feel? Pretty good, I bet – that’s how I felt when my first book was published. People looked at me differently too. I wasn’t expecting that, but my book said something to others, apparently, about me. It said I had a level of expertise about my subject matter that they respected. I found out soon, though, that getting my book published was just the beginning. Now I had to sell my book! Now that your book is published what should you be doing to reach its intended audience?
I’ve listed some important questions below that you should be asking (and answering) now that your book is published.
  • Is my book selling up to my expectations?
  • Where can people buy my book?
  • Is my publisher helping to actively market my book?
  • Do I have an audience?
  • What am I doing now to build my audience?
  • What is my goal for this book?
  • What are my marketing plans for this book?
  • Has my book been reviewed?
  • Do I  have endorsements?
  • What results do I get when I Google my book’s title?
  • Do I have a marketing schedule?
  • Do I have a marketing budget?

Remember, having your book published isn’t the end of the process of your book’s ultimate success. Now you’ve got share it with the world!

Are you ready to sell more books and creating raving fans and readers who actively share your books with their friends?

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