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Digital Community

  1. Website – Y/N? Analytics? Visitors? E-commerce? Integrated with Social?
  2. Blog – Y/N? Integrated in website? Post dally? weekly? monthly? Followers?
  3. Facebook Y/N? Profile? Page? Friends? Fans? Engagement? Reach? Activity?
  4. YouTube Y/N? Channel? Videos? Views? Subscribers?
  5. Twitter – Y/N? Followers? Following? Post daly? weekly? monthly?
  6. LinkedIn Y/N? Connections In network? Groups? Activity?
  7. Pinterest Y/N? Followers? Following? Pins? Boards?Activity?
  8. Google+ – Y/N? Followers? Following? Collections? Communities? Activity?

Live Community

  1. Church Y/N? Pastor or church leader? Size of congregation?
  2. Ministry Y/N? Parachurch ministry? Speaking Engagements? Events?
  3. Community Organizations Y/N? Civic clubs? Associations?
  4. Professional Organizations – Y /N? Trade Shows? Conferences?
  5. Family & Friends Social networks? Gatherings? Reunions?
  6. School – Y/N? Full or part time student? Classmates? Teachers?
  7. Neighbors Neighborhood events? Community center?
  8. Business/work Business associates? Conferences? Seminars?

Free Download: Audience Analysis Infographic

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