Chrissie Forehand

Dead-Ringer Devotionals

30 Days of Idioms Reflected in the Scriptures

An idiom is a phrase so much in common usage that it takes on a meaning of its own. When it’s “raining cats and dogs,” we know that it’s pouring; no actual cats and dogs are falling. We can even paint a picture in our minds when someone lets you know they “heard it through the grapevine.”

Idioms can paint important and powerful pictures, representing ideas we all share and easily remember.

Chrissie Forehand has harnessed the power of idioms in Dead-Ringer Devotionals. Her homey stories, mixed with popular idioms to teach timeless, biblical lessons will stick with you through the day and beyond. Whenever you hear someone say, they’re going to “blow off some steam,” “bite the bullet,” or “pull out all the stops,” you’ll be reminded of a biblical lesson in Chrissie’s devotional represented by this simple, universal idiom.

Jesus spoke to the people in parables; He painted a picture in something they all understood. His parables were idioms of the day.

Dead-Ringer Devotionals speak to us the same way today. Enjoy! Learn! Remember! Experience timeless truths in a language we can all understand, relate to and remember in Dead-Ringer Devotionals.

About the author

Chrissie Forehand is a graduate of Emmanuel College in Franklin Springs, GA, and received her BS in Math Ed. from Lee University in Cleveland, TN. She also graduated from GSOM (Georgia School of Ministries) through the Assemblies of God and was ordained with the AG prior to receiving her ordination from Heritage Church. She has been a Bible Study teacher for over 20 years and a Women’s Event Speaker for the past twelve years. She has served as the Small Groups Director and Women’s Ministries Leader at Heritage Church for the past two years. She has been married to Jon Forehand for 33 years and has three children and one beautiful daughter-in-law.

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