Get Unstuck! Go from idea to publish-ready manuscript in 18 weeks.


A successful book begins with a successful manuscript.

A successful manuscript:

  • holds your reader’s attention

  • clearly communicates your message

  • leaves your reader with a clear call to action

  • gives your reader access to more content

  • invites your reader to your online presence

Your book, in many ways, is like a business card. It introduces you and your message to your reader and invites them into an ongoing relationship with your ministry, business and brand. And that, ideally, begins with the manuscript.

Who is the Perfect Author manuscript course for?

  • Non-fiction Christian authors who believe they’re either too busy to write or just “stuck” in the writing process.
  • This course designed to help you create a professional, ready to publish manuscript in 18 weeks (or less).
  • It is intended for authors who are ready to significantly expand their career and reach, and understand that a well written, well published book can be key to reaching and growing their audience.
  • Perfect Author courses are for authors who aren’t perfect (none of us are), but they are for serious authors, communicators, ministers and business people who want to hone their craft, grow their audience and reach the world with their message.

“I am grateful to call Steve Spillman a leader and a friend. My experience with Steve and True Potential has encouraged me to pursue my dreams, guided me along the journey, and challenged me to reach my desired destination. They hope we work hard and write well, but they care for us individually. True Potential has found healthy ways to merge the art of writing and communicating into today’s culture without softening truth. They use today’s methods to deliver timeless messages. I am honored to call True Potential my publisher and Steve Spillman my friend.”

Chris Maxwell

Campus Pastor, Professional Speaker, Author of 9 Books

Perfect Author Manuscript Course18 weekly modules:

Week 1: Start Writing

  • Developing good writing habits
  • Creating a writing schedule

Week 2: Gather Ideas

  • Using PostIt notes
  • Non-linear thinking

Week 3: Plotting Your Course

  • Arranging your ideas – logical progression
  • Culling out duplicates and irrelevancies

Week 4: Creating an Outline

  • Thinking linear
  • Creating sub-ideas (bullets)

Week 5: Creating Chapters

  • Fleshing out ideas
  • Testing your ideas

Week 6: Determine Your Audience

  • Who is your reader?
  • Is there a market for your message?

Week 7: Determine the Benefit

  • What value are you offering the reader?
  • Why should the reader choose your book?

Week 8: Determine Your Book’s Theme

  • Idea vs. Theme
  • Audience and benefit

Week 9: Research

  • What you don’t know
  • Where to find out
  • How to document other people’s work

Week 10: Write Craft

  • How to use words
  • Cut mercilessly
  • The best of the best

Week 11: Balancing Chapters

  • Size and style
  • Segues (funny word!)

Week 12: Concluding

  • Wrapping up your idea
  • Giving the reader ’take-aways’

Week 13: Introduction

  • Preparing the reader
  • Why we do this after the book is written

Week 14: Endorsements

  • Social proof
  • Tapping endorsees early

Week 15: Tying Your Book Digitally

  • Creating a connection
  • Digital magnets

Week 16: Frontmatter

  • Packaging the book
  • Thanking/acknowledging

Week 17: Backmatter

  • Next opportunity
  • Call to action

Week 18: Author Bio

  • People connect with people
  • What not to include

I am so grateful for my relationship with Steve Spillman and “True Potential Publishing”. Steve has become a dear friend,  and I have found the company’s name to be most fitting. The knowledge, wisdom and encouragement that Steve offers have  both challenged and inspired me to reach my fullest potential as an author. True Potential’s ability to challenge authors to write well while providing the support needed to make writing enjoyable is, in my opinion, one of its greatest assets. And while True Potential partners with numerous writers, I am convinced of Steve Spillman’s  commitment to my individual/personal success as an author.It’s an honor for me to call True Potential MY PUBLISHER!

Stacy Hilliard

Author of A Return to Sonship, Denomination Director of Church Multiplication, International Pentecostal Holiness Church

I’m grateful to Steve Spillman at True Potential Publishing. Thanks for believing in my message—giving it clarity and great ‘curb appeal’—and nurturing me along. I look forward to a future filled with words. This is just the beginning.

J. Douglas Nolan

Writer, Entrepreneur, Speaker., Author of Restoring Your Vision