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Your book can reach more people and grow your ministry more than any other medium.

But you may already know this. As a ministry professional, effectively sharing your message with the world is the most important thing you can do. And you probably already know that sharing your message in a book, has the ability to spread that message and reaches more people around the globe on a deeper, more personal level than any other medium. A book can carry your message further than your neighborhood, your state, or even your country. It can reach more people than the biggest stage or auditorium. And it goes deeper than the most viral YouTube video.

But there’s a problem.

You’re a ministry professional, not a publisher. How do you go about publishing a book that will effectively communicate your message, successfully reach your potential audience, and move your ministry forward?

Figuring out how to self-publish your book can be as daunting, and about as effective, as trying to build your own house. It can be done, but it will take more time, more work, and more expertise than you can imagine and, chances are, it won’t look or sell like a house built by professionals.

What about self-publishing companies?

Well … there’s a reason they’re called “self-publishing” companies. After they’ve charged their fees and delivered your book, you’re by yourself. Self-publishing companies are geared toward amateur authors with little or no audience and little or no plan for how to market their books once they’ve been published.

So, where do you turn?

True Potential Faith has the experience and the expertise to not only guide you through the entire process but also create a professional book you’ll be proud of and your audience will love. And the partnership doesn’t end when your book is published. If anything, that’s just the beginning. We distribute your book globally, show you how to create a revenue stream from book sales that will quickly recoup all of your publishing expenses, help you with a marketing plan, share your book with our audience, and pay you for all your books that we sell!

Finding the right publisher that will both create an attractive, professional, effective book, and understand your greater ministry and business needs, is a challenge. And we’ve just made some pretty big promises. Who can you trust?

True Potential and its subsidiaries have published hundreds of titles and sold more than a million books. Our books and publishing support have helped global ministries like Impact Ministries and David Pawson Ministries, reach the world with their books.

It’s not just established global ministries and authors we serve. One of our authors was in her seventies when we published her first book. She lived off of her Social Security check. She had no money to invest in publishing her book but I encouraged her to finish her manuscript and send it to me anyway. She didn’t even have an email address, her daughter had to send us the manuscript. A few weeks later an evangelist who knew her and knew about her book offered to pay for the publishing and sell the books as she traveled and spoke. Five weeks after delivering the first printing I received a call from her asking for more books; the first printing was sold out!

Another author had just finished a very promising manuscript that we were excited about. But the years of working on it had left him very tight financially. Three months later we mailed this author his first royalty check of $56,000.

These stories don’t happen with every author, but they happen. The point is that these authors did what they were led to do by writing these books. And we did what we’re led to do, publish them and share them with the world.

How do we do it?

  1. We understand the message you want to share with the world.
  2. We clarify your potential audience. Who is most likely to respond to your message.
  3. We find your audience and reach them where they gather (that’s called an “aggregate”).
  4. We craft a message that will drive your audience to your book.

This is what we promise:

  1. We will create an attractive, professional, effective book, both in print and eBook formats.
  2. We will distribute your book, in print and eBook formats, globally.
  3. We will help you develop a plan to reach your potential audience, from day one of the publishing process.
  4. We will promote your book on Social Media and through our affinity websites and audiences.
  5. We will sell your book directly through our own eCommerce store.
  6. We will pay you up to 50% royalties on all of your books that we sell.
  7. We will provide books to you at a significant discount. Our authors can earn substantial personal and ministry revenue from selling to their direct audience.
  8. We also help you build on the success of your first book, offering your readers more resources designed to turn your readers into lifetime fans.

What’s the next step?

If your manuscript is ready to publish or in process, schedule an appointment now to discuss how we can turn your manuscript into an attractive, professional, effective book that will enhance the success of your ministry goals.

Where to begin? Complete the form below to schedule a free manuscript consultation.

What Our Authors Say:

“Steve isn’t just my publisher, he’s my buddy. We share a deep passion to influence the world, True Potential is doing that through helping authors reach the world with their message.”

Dr. Jim Richards

International Best-Selling Author, Creator of Heart Physics®, Founder, Impact Ministries

I am so grateful for my relationship with Steve Spillman and “True Potential Publishing”. Steve has become a dear friend,  and I have found the company’s name to be most fitting. The knowledge, wisdom and encouragement that Steve offers have  both challenged and inspired me to reach my fullest potential as an author. True Potential’s ability to challenge authors to write well while providing the support needed to make writing enjoyable is, in my opinion, one of its greatest assets. And while True Potential partners with numerous writers, I am convinced of Steve Spillman’s  commitment to my individual/personal success as an author.It’s an honor for me to call True Potential MY PUBLISHER!

Stacy Hilliard

Author of A Return to Sonship, Director of Church Multiplication, International Pentecostal Holiness Church

Thank you for publishing work, talking me through my questions, coaching me often, reminding me Im a whippersnapper, and always having an answer for what do I do now?” Without you, Room 6060 would be a note hidden away on my laptop.

Jon Campbell

Author, Speaker, Musician, Director of Residence Life, Emmanuel College

Steve, my heart is so full of gratitude. Thanks for believing in me and trusting I would do my part. I dont like mediocrity and one of my concerns was the quality of the work. This book has excellence all over it.  You are a God send. Dr. Jim Richards boasted on you so much before I signed that contract. I am eternally grateful for our partnership. Thank you again.

Kelvin Easter

Founder and Senior Leader, Destined to Win Christian Center, Park Forest, IL

“I am grateful to call Steve Spillman a leader and a friend. My experience with Steve and True Potential has encouraged me to pursue my dreams, guided me along the journey, and challenged me to reach my desired destination. They hope we work hard and write well, but they care for us individually. True Potential has found healthy ways to merge the art of writing and communicating into today’s culture without softening truth. They use today’s methods to deliver timeless messages. I am honored to call True Potential my publisher and Steve Spillman my friend.”

Chris Maxwell

Author of 10 books, International Speaker and Epilepsy Advocate, Director of Spiritual Life and Campus Pastor, Emmanuel College