Jan Foster

The Tapping Spy

Uncovering Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT Tapping) for Kids

Do you like being a spy? In our stories, you will meet a little boy named Tipton and his adorable stuffed toy dog named Toby who learn how to become a special type of spy.

Together, Tipton and Toby spy out YUCKY FEELINGS that bother Tipton, and then they tap them away.

Look at the picture in the back of the book of Toby and the spots to tap. As you read The Tapping Spy stories, tap on Toby’s spots or on yourself. This will help you feel better if you have yucky feelings.

Be certain to learn The Tapping Spy song and sing it with your friends.

Happy tapping!

About the author

Silly putty messages, lemon juice secret notes, magnifying glasses, and The Box Car Children mysteries are among my favorite childhood memories. I enjoyed the world of mystery and spies and doing unusual things.

One of the unusual things that I did was to become a ventriloquist. I delighted in sharing my two friends with groups. Now I have a new friend named Tipton who assists me in sharing his stories and teaching children and adults how to spy out yucky feelings and chase them away.

Tipton, Toby, and I hope you enjoy learning how to become a tapping spy and that you tap every day. Happy tapping!

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