Learning God’s Love Language

A Guide to Personal Hebrew Word Study

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Have you ever wanted to get deeper into God’s Word in your personal Bible study?

We read so many translations of the Bible today. But often, in our personal study, we can wonder, “What does the Bible really say in its original language?”

  • Have you ever wondered why God chose the Hebrew people and the Hebrew language to record and keep his words?
  • Is there something unique to the Hebrew language? To the very letters themselves?
  • For thousands of years, scholars have studied and understood the power and richness of God’s Word expressed in the Hebrew language.

Learning God’s Love Language will teach you to do your own Hebrew word studies.

Have you ever wondered about the shape of the Hebrew letters? There’s a reason for the shape of each Hebrew letter, and a story behind each one.

Did you know that there is a numerical value associated with each Hebrew letter and word? Those numerical values can reveal a greater meaning that will enrich your Bible study and illustrate God’s amazing love and purpose.

Learning God’s Love Language offers examples of the many insights students can gain in their own personal Bible study once they understand the rich meaning of the Hebrew, the original language of God’s Word.

Finally, Learning God’s Love Language explains the reason for incorporating Hebrew word study into our personal Bible study. To bring us to a closer, more intimate understanding and relationship with its Author. What better way to deepen your relationship with God than to read His Word and understand it in light of its original language.

Learning God’s Love Language will bring you to a place where you can do your own Hebrew word study.

Mine the riches of God’s Word in the original language by learning the meanings of each Hebrew letter and uncovering the built-in commentary behind each Hebrew word.

The Learning God’s Love Language Workbook is a Hebrew word study course that you can use in your personal Bible study. Learn Hebrew almost immediately, without years of memorization and other Hebrew language courses.

The Learning God’s Love Language Workbook is the companion to Learning God’s Love Language. These books together will accelerate your learning and deepen your understanding of biblical Hebrew for your personal Bible study.

For a limited time, you can save 20% on both Learning God’s Love Language and the Learning God’s Love Language Workbook bundled together in this special offer. Take advantage of this offer today and begin your easy and fun journey through biblical Hebrew. And along the way enrich your understanding of God’s Word through His ancient love language.

Learning God’s Love Language

A Guide to Personal Hebrew Word Study

Learning God’s Love Language shows you how easy it is to use Hebrew word study in your personal Bible study.

  • Learn Hebrew almost immediately
  • Without years of memorization
  • No other Hebrew language courses.

Learning God’s Love Language will teach you:

  • The history of the Hebrew Alphabet
  • The 22 Hebrew letters
  • The names, meaning and the nature of the esoteric structure (the hidden meanings) of the Hebrew Alphabet