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Your book can reach more people and grow your business more than any other medium.

But you may already know this. As a quality of life professional, effectively sharing your message with the world is the most important thing you can do. And you probably already know that sharing your message in a book, has the ability to spread that message and reach more people,  both locally and globally, on a deeper, more personal level than any other medium. A book can carry your message further than your neighborhood, your state, or even your country. It can reach more people than the biggest stage or auditorium. And it goes deeper than the most viral YouTube video.

But there’s a problem.

You’re a quality of life professional, not a publisher. How do you go about publishing a book that will effectively communicate your message, successfully reach your potential audience, add value to your customer experience and help grow your business?

Self-publishing your book may not be the best idea. You’re a professional. You know what you’re doing and your business shows it. Don’t risk your professional reputation with an amateur book. We are publishing professionals. We’ve been doing this for nearly two decades. We’ve professionally published hundreds of books and sold more than a million copies.

What about self-publishing companies?

Well … there’s a reason they’re called “self-publishing” companies. After they’ve charged their fees and delivered your book, you’re by yourself. Self-publishing companies are geared toward amateur authors with little or no audience and little or no plan for how to market their books once they’ve been published.

So, where do you turn?

True Potential Life publishing imprint has the experience and the expertise to not only guide you through the entire process but also create a professional book you’ll be proud of and your audience will love. And the partnership doesn’t end when your book is published. If anything, that’s just the beginning. We distribute your book globally, show you how to create a revenue stream from book sales that will quickly recoup all of your publishing expenses, help you with a marketing plan, share your book with our audience, and pay you for all your books that we sell!

Finding the right publisher that will both create an attractive, professional, effective book, and understand your greater ministry and business needs, is a challenge. And we’ve just made some pretty big promises. Who can you trust?

In the health and wellness and quality of life industries, a book can be much more than a book. It can be an introduction to your wider message and your company. A well-written, well-published book can be the beginning of a lifetime bond with your clients, generating thousands, even millions of dollars in revenue and investment.

Can a book really help my business?

Sherrie Rice Smith is a practicing Christian and a retired registered nurse with 46 years of nursing experience. A decade ago, God gave her an admonition to promote EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) throughout the Christian world. She received 2 different EFT Certifications along with Trauma and Matrix Reimprinting Training. She coined the term, “EFT For Christians” and has effectively become the go-to expert for Christian EFT practitioners globally. Sherry has written five “EFT For Christians” books, four of which were published by True Potential. Last year Sherry, along with EFT Master Trainer Cathy C. Reiling, was part of a True Potential joint venture to create the “EFT For Christinas Basics” online seminar.

Dr. Terry Donelson is an author, counselor, and teacher. She holds a Psychology degree from Winston-Salem State University and Doctorates in Ministry and Theology from Christian Life School of Theology. Publishing her book, Character Blocks, with True Potential has lead to a book tour, public speaking, and increased exposure for her counseling practice. She currently has three more books and a podcast in development.

How do we do it?

  1. We understand the message you want to share with the world.
  2. We clarify your potential audience. Who is most likely to respond to your message.
  3. We find your audience and reach them where they gather (that’s called an “aggregate”).
  4. We craft a message that will drive your audience to your book.

This is what we promise:

  1. We will create an attractive, professional, effective book, both in print and eBook formats.
  2. We will distribute your book, in print and eBook formats, globally.
  3. We will help you develop a plan to reach your potential audience, from day one of the publishing process.
  4. We will promote your book on Social Media and through our affinity websites and audiences.
  5. We will sell your book directly through our own eCommerce store.
  6. We will pay you up to 50% royalties on all of your books that we sell.
  7. We will provide books for your own sales. Our authors earn a substantial portion of their revenues from selling books to their direct audience.
  8. We also help you build on the success of your first book, offering your readers more resources designed to turn your readers into lifetime fans.

What’s the next step?

If your manuscript is ready to publish or in process, schedule an appointment now to discuss how we can turn your manuscript into an attractive, professional, effective book that will enhance the success of your career goals.

Where to begin? Complete the form below to schedule a free manuscript consultation.

What We Do

  • Publish great books for professionals in three important areas of public life: Faith, Business, Life
  • Publish books reflecting a Judeo-Christian Worldview
  • Publish non-fiction

What We Don't Do

  • Self-publishing
  • Fiction
  • Children’s books

What Our Authors Say:

“Working with Steve Spillman and True Potential Media has been a delight. You meet very few people in your life whom you would give the honored title, “Balcony Person.” But Steve is just that. He will cheer you, encourage you, and root you on to victory!
He’s always just a phone call away and chock-full of information and strategies for his author’s success. When I choose to write my next book, Steve and his company are my “Go-To” for excellence, ease, and a product I can be proud of.
Nannette Oatley Johnson

Author, Speaker, Counselor, Chaplain, US Open Wheelchair Tennis Champion

“I am grateful to call Steve Spillman a leader and a friend. My experience with Steve and True Potential has encouraged me to pursue my dreams, guided me along the journey, and challenged me to reach my desired destination. They hope we work hard and write well, but they care for us individually. True Potential has found healthy ways to merge the art of writing and communicating into today’s culture without softening truth. They use today’s methods to deliver timeless messages. I am honored to call True Potential my publisher and Steve Spillman my friend.”

Chris Maxwell

Author of 10 books, International Speaker and Epilepsy Advocate, Director of Spiritual Life and Campus Pastor, Emmanuel College

Thank you for all of your hard work, your attention to detail, and for believing in this project.
I can’t wait to get the books!!

Shelly Forgey

Author, 'The Two Doors'

I regularly recommend True Potential—every chance I get. “Reach the World” is a motto validated in cyber savvy, a commitment to excellence, a strong Christian presence in a sector currently in flux. The manuscript-to-market process can be confusing for a first-time novelist. This publisher can be trusted for good counsel, good results, and a sure eye for success.

Sigrid Fowler

Don’t Tell the Rabbi: A Comedy of Religious Proportions

“Thank you so much Steve – we can totally hear your heart!!
Thanks for loving God and loving people —“

Bob & Audrey Meisner

Authors, 'Marriage Undercover'