Opal Crews

How to Live and Not Die

How To Live and Not Die shares the testimony of Opal’s miracle healing from spondylitis, and what she did to receive her healing. What God did for her, He wills also to do in and for you.

Jesus Himself bore our sicknesses and diseases, as well as our sins, and provided redemption for whosoever will believe in His great work. His work was an eternal work done for everyone in the world.

It is God’s will that you be healed. You will discover from the scriptures that faith is an act and not just mentally agreeing that God’s Word is true. Your part is to find out what Jesus Christ did for you, and then believe and act upon His Word.

There are no incurables with God. If you want to be saved, delivered, and healed, believe God’s Word in your heart and act upon it. God’s Word is living and life-giving.

Open your heart now to receive God’s Word and will for you.

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About the author

Opal Crews was healed and raised up from spondylitis, a semi-invalid condition of incurable bone and muscle diseases. Knowing God was her only hope, she turned wholeheartedly to the Bible and learned all she could about healing.

She learned that healing is not only God’s will, but it was provided through the finished work of Jesus Christ. Through faith in His Word, and believing, receiving and walking it out, she was raised up healed and whole.

She has taught God’s Word in churches throughout the southern US, Trinidad, and the Philippines. She also teaches God’s Word locally through her weekly TV program, “Words of Life.” And she teaches a class on healing weekly in her local church. She is also a teacher of the Word in her church’s Bible Institute which is used in Bible Institutes in other nations.