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Turning your ideas into reality.

As you turn your ideas into a finished manuscript, what are some of the most important questions you should be asking yourself before publishing?

 Here are some questions you should be asking now:

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Untitled-1What is my finish date goal for the manuscript? 

You should have a goal for the date you want your manuscript to be finished. From the time your manuscript is finished until your book is available to the public can range from as little as three months to more than a year, depending on how well you and your publisher pal and execute the publishing process. When do you want your finished book to be available to readers? Choose a date and work backwards from there to calculate your finished manuscript date.

WorldWhat is my goal(s) for this book?

What first went through your mind when you began writing? Do you have a special story to tell or a message to share? Do you know that a published book will help launch or expand your public speaking or ministry career? Do you want to be on the New York Times best seller list or just make more children smile? The reasons for writing and the goals each author has for his or her book can vary greatly. What is your goal for this book? Our goal, as your publisher, is to help you reach your goal.

PubHave I chosen a publisher?

Choosing the right publisher can, and often does, mean the difference between the success and failure of your book in the marketplace.

PeopleWhat do I expect my publisher to do for my book and me?

A publisher should not only create a professional, attractive interior and cover, they should make sure your book is available to every major sales channel and on every major platform that promotes books.

AudienceWhat am I doing now to build my audience

Don’t wait until your book is published, you need to begin building your audience now! Whether it’s through a blog, Social Media, public speaking, church groups or all of the above.

GraphWhat are my marketing plans for this book?

Marketing your book isn’t your publisher’s job alone – it’s yours too! How will you market your book and yourself as an author? 

DollarHave I worked out a publishing budget?

Publishing costs money. Have you planned for the financial investment of bringing your book to market?

Writing a great manuscript is just one part of a  process that makes your book a success. You’ve come a long way, your manuscript is almost ready to share with the world! Congratulations!

For a free e-book that answers the questions above in detail, just complete the form below:

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