I’m working on my manuscript.

That’s awesome! You’ve taken the first step in turning your book, and your status as an author, into a reality. Congratulations!

While you work on finishing your manuscript I want you to consider some important questions that, answering now, before your book is published, will greatly increase the chances for your book’s success.

Our free guide: Seven Questions That Will Turn Your Manuscript into a Successful Book helps you begin to answer those questions while you’re still writing! If you’ve already requested the Seven Questions guide; it should be waiting for you in your email inbox. If you haven’t requested the Seven Questions guide, just click this link to receive your free copy: https://www.truepotentialmedia.com/seven-questions-will-turn-manuscript-successful-book/.


Writing a great manuscript is just one part of a  process that makes your book a success. You’ve come a long way, your manuscript is almost ready to share with the world! Congratulations!

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