I’m working on my manuscript.

That’s awesome! You’ve taken the first step in turning your book, and your status as an author, into a reality. Congratulations!

While you work on finishing your manuscript I want you to consider some important questions that will greatly increase the chances of your book’s success.

Our free guide: Seven Questions That Will Turn Your Manuscript into a Successful Book helps you answer these questions while you’re still working on your manuscript! Your book’s success depends on how much you know about the road ahead and how well you’ve prepared for it in advance.

  • Question #1: What is the finish date goal for my manuscript?
  • Question #2: What is my goal for this book?
  • Question #3: Have I chosen a publisher?
  • Question #4: What should I expect from my publisher?
  • Question #5: What am I doing to build my audience?
  • Question #6: What is my marketing plan?
  • Question #7: What is my publishing budget?

Successfully publishing your book is too important to leave to chance. Answering these seven questions before you publish could mean the difference between disappointment and success.

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Seven Questions that will turn Your Manuscript into a Successful Book

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