Ten Dynamics of a Successful Book

Virtual Writer's Conference
I spoke at a writer’s conference recently. As a publisher, my job was to share the realities of the publishing world and offer some tips that will help make the authors and their books more successful.

I’ll share with you here what I shared with them. Think of it as a virtual writer’s conference.

These are 10 dynamics that, if executed well and practiced consistently, will greatly improve the success of your book and your career as an author.

I go into detail on each of these dynamics in these ten lessons.

This “Virtual Writer’s Conference” is designed around ten modules. You can complete one module per day, one per week, or at your own pace.

Lesson 1: Your Story

Learn how to give your message import, timeliness, quality, and appeal.

Lesson 2: Your Audience

Learn how to address your reader’s interests, desires, wants, and needs.

Lesson 3: Your Medium

Learn how to reach readers with your printed books, e-books, and audiobooks.

Lesson 4: Your Network

Learn how to identify and reach your audience; where they hang out and who influences them.

Lesson 5: Your Hook

Learn to develop your elevator speech; the few key words that will build interest in your story.

Lesson 6: Your Home

Learn to create and attract potential readers to your perfect author website.

Lesson 7: Your Call to Action

Learn how and when to ask your potential readers to buy.

Lesson 8: Your Transaction

Learn the easiest and most profitable ways to sell your book and guarantee future sales.

Lesson 9: Your Conversation

Learn how to create a community for your readers to share comments and questions.

Lesson 10: Your Relationship

Learn how to turn a single transaction into a life-long fan.

We’d love to help you reach the world with your book. Just let us know where you are in the publishing process by completing the form below. Talk to you soon!