I spoke to a wonderful group of writers this weekend at the Prophetic Scribe Writer’s Conference in Atlanta. As a publisher, my job was (it usually is when I speak to writers) to share the realities of the publishing world and offer some tips that will help make the authors and their books more successful.

I’ll share with you here what I shared with them. Think of it as a virtual writer’s conference.

There are (at least) 10 dynamics that, if executed well and practiced consistently will guarantee the success of your book and your career as an author.

The 10 dynamics that will guarantee your book's success

The 10 dynamics that will guarantee your book’s success

I’ll go into detail on each of these dynamics over the next ten weeks. Just click on “Your story” to understand the first of the10 dynamics of your book’s success. Don’t forget to check back each week – as I go into detail on each.


How successfully you share your message depends on these 10 dynamics:

  1. Your story – it’s importance, timeliness and appeal.
  2. Your audience – their interest, desire, wants and needs.
  3. Your medium – books, ebook, audio, video, blog.
  4. Your network – your audience, friends, allies and influencers.
  5. Your hook – your elevator speech, your story in a sentence.
  6. Your home – your website, where your readers come to learn more.
  7. Your call to action – you’ve got to ask your potential reader to act.
  8. Your transaction – make it easy for them and profitable for you!
  9. Your conversation – a book is more than a book; it’s a launchpad, business card and resume.
  10. Your relationship – lifetime readers, lifetime fans.

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