“Reach the World”. That’s our tag line at True Potential. What does that mean exactly? Is it just a snappy tag to keep our logo company or do we really believe it? Can we reach the world? Can we help you ‘reach the world’? We believe we can.

What does it mean to “Reach the World”?  We believe it means reaching our widest possible audience, most effectively with our message. We believe it means the same thing for you. Whether you’re an author, a preacher, a teacher, a songwriter or a filmmaker. You have a message to share with the world. How do you do that? Without spending a million bucks, and without the help of a major publisher, TV network, record label or film studio?

Now, more than any time in history, thanks to the explosion (atomic style) of digital media, everybody can share their voice, share their message with the world.

The question really isn’t “can I reach the world?” It’s “will anybody hear me?” How does your message get heard over the 4 billion conversations happening globally each day? Do you have a website? That’s great! Yours is one out of 620 million other websites worldwide. I’m sure Google is tickled that your website is up.

Did you write a book last year? That’s awesome! Now the chances of your message reaching the world have gone way up! Bowker issued 9 million ISBN numbers in 2012. Each book gets its own ISBN (the book’s unique identifying number). Lucky for you only about two-thirds of those were actually assigned to new books. You and six million other authors published their books last year. I just know the bookstores will beat a path to your door.

I don’t know how many songs were written or how many films were made in the last 12 months, but I do know that the problem is the same – now that anyone can publish, many do. And that leaves listeners, readers, and watchers – you’re potential audience – swimming in a sea of content. How does your message float to the surface? How does your star shine enough to be noticed in a galaxy of a billion stars?

That’s the question. And that’s our mission. It’s why True Potential exists – that’s why the tag line, “Reach the World”. We believe it.

That’s what this blog is about – sharing with you our thoughts, and our experience, in reaching the world with your message. We’ll talk about marketing 21′ st century style – what strategies to adopt and what to dump (do you really think bookstores sell books?) We’ll discuss your message as well – discuss ways to make it better, prettier, and more effective. It doesn’t make any sense to reach the world with your message if it’s expressed poorly. Your audience has too many other options; they don’t want to fight through your misspellings, poor grammar, indecipherable soliloquies or lack of any call to action. Like advertising great David Ogilvy said, “Great marketing only makes a bad product fail faster.”

Stick with us. We want to help you reach the world. What is your message, what you need to share with the world? Let me know – comment here, I’d love to hear from you and I’ll comment back. We can begin reaching the world with your message right here, right now.