Breaking the Cycle

Breaking the Cycle: The Ultimate Solution to Destructive Patterns

Breaking the CycleAre you tired of repeating the same cycle? Do you feel like what you do is never good enough? Are you ready for absolute victory over the past? Experience a new power for living.

Good people who love God often struggle with past issues for a lifetime. For many there is a cycle of commitment and dedication, struggle, failure, shame, defeat, frustration, recommitment, and then the cycle begins again. Deep desire to follow God leads us to what seems like endless counseling, seminars, prayer lines, intercession, and a never-ending list of formulas that all end up in disappointment.

The cycle will not be broken by anything that anyone else does for you. It will be broken when you believe the truth about your righteousness in Jesus. Faith-righteousness is the foundation of the New Covenant. Every thought, belief, and emotion should be founded on the absolute reality of our righteousness in Jesus.

Failure to build one’s life on this reality is the cause of fear, mental anxiety, vulnerability to sin, and all other wavering and inconsistency. This powerful series will give you the tools you need to build your life on the firm foundation of faith-righteousness.

  •    Discover the source of confidence before God.
  •    Build an unshakable foundation of faith
  •    Enjoy the mystery of the New Covenant hidden
    for generations

Breaking the Cycle is an absolute must for every teacher, preacher, counselor, and believer. You are not that far away from absolute victory. Just one belief will end the cycle for the rest of your life!