The Perfect Author Platform


For more than ten years we’ve been sharing our author’s stories with the world. Our strategy has always been to effectively reach readers and then make it easy for readers to discover, learn more and purchase our author’s books.

In those years we’ve developed resources that optimize our authors’ online presence; what we call the “Perfect Author” platform.

And it’s worked! We’ve sold more than a million of our authors’ books through direct or non-bookstore markets. For the record, we’ve sold a lot of books through distributors and traditional bookstores, but those sales all happened because of our “Perfect Author” strategies direct to readers.

Each of our “Perfect Author” websites, Social Media and marketing strategies are designed for specifically for Christian authors. Each can work independently, depending on your focus or need, and we’ve designed them all to be perfectly integrated together into a truly optimized and integrated online presence designed to sell books and create lifetime fans and customers.

  • The Perfect Author Book Launch Strategy
  • The Perfect Author Website
  • The Perfect Author Facebook Strategy
  • The Perfect Author Twitter Strategy
  • The Perfect Author Amazon.com Strategy
  • The Perfect Author LinkedIn Strategy
  • The Perfect Author Bookstore Strategy
  • The Perfect Author Publicity Strategy
  • The Perfect Author E-book Strategy

We already offer these strategies and platforms to our authors and implement them in marketing our books and connecting our authors with readers.

Soon we’ll make the strategies and platforms in the “Perfect Author” book marketing suite available to all authors. I’ll keep you up to date as we prepare to launch this awesome program. Just send me your first name and e-mail by completing the form below.

You’re not obligating yourself to purchase anything, but this launch will be limited to the first 100 authors, so please, if you want to sell more books and creating raving fans and readers who actively share your books with their friends, let us know now.