Dr. Roger Luther

Tracking Kings: Following the Kings of Israel and Judah

Who goes where? What happened when? The books of Kings and Chronicles can seem like a jumble of kings and kingdoms, prophets and potentates. How do I and II Kings fit together with I and II Chronicles? Who were the kings of Israel? Who were the kings of Judah? What about the prophets? Where do they fit in? Who conquered whom? What was going on when the kings of Israel and Judah reigned? Without a key to unlock who goes where and when, it really can seem like jumble. Tracking Kings unlocks the jumble, puts the kings, their kingdoms and chronologies in place in a language and teaching style that itself is easy to follow. From the end of II Chronicles to the last word in Malachi, a span covering twenty-five books of the Old Testament, everything, in some way, is connected to the era of the kings of Israel and Judah. Tracking Kings systematically assembles the histories of the Old Testament kings in a blend of harmony and commentary that is easy to understand. This book also includes applications and secular history to give us insight into the historical times of these very real personalities. Each chapter ends with a selection of study questions designed to challenge the student to dig deeper.

About the author

Dr. Roger L Luther, born February 24, 1948 in Elizabeth, Indiana is a pastor, Bible scholar and author. Roger is an ordained Southern Baptist minister and has pastored for more than thirty years in Indiana and Michigan. He earned his Ph.D. in Biblical Philosophy at The International Seminary in Plymouth, Florida and later served on the state “executive board” of The Baptist State Convention of Michigan. In addition, he served on the board of trustees of Southeastern College and The Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forest, North Carolina for two five Year terms.

Roger served in the US Army; while on duty in South Vietnam, he was awarded “The. Army Commendation Medal.” He is an avid outdoors-man and photographer, and today resides with his wife, Rita, in Tecumseh, Michigan where they are members of Tecumseh Missionary Baptist Church.


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