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The Relax FactorThe Relax Factor

As a new creation in Christ, God has made you all sufficient. Everything you need to defeat worry is either in you or available to you through God’s Word.
Only knowledge and skill separate you from a life free from worry. Not a life free of problems, but free from the care of those problems. Liberty-producing knowledge, of course, comes from God and His instructions for our lives.
Remember the five open secrets to winning over worry:
R – Realize the effect of worry. Worry never accomplished anything good.
E – Exercise faith. Believe in bigger and bigger things from God.
L – Look to the Word as your source of faith and power.
A – Always cast your care. Thank Jesus for carrying it all.
X – “xercise” patience. Act, speak and believe in your heart that your needs have been met.

About the author

Dwight HenryDwight Henry has always been active and energetic. A City Councilman who is also a radio personality and hospice chaplain – as well as former mayor, Tennessee State Representative and gubernatorial candidate – Henry does not let much slow him down.
However, that was not the case some years ago when worry, anxiety and stress stopped him in his tracks.
Isolated and seriously depressed in his home for several weeks, a walk to the kitchen for a glass of water put him on a journey that would change his life.
If worry and the pressures of life rob you of hope and health, what Henry put into practice will produce for you the same results. Guarantee it!
Within two-and-a-half years of being “home alone” Henry was elected mayor of his city. He credits what he calls “The Relax Factor,” a Bible based, freedom producing, supernaturally charged ingredient that produced a life where worry is not an issue. At least not one in which worry can’t be conquered in the very early stages.
Dwight Henry is delighted to believe with you for the same results.

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