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Dynamics of a Successful Book Lesson 7

“Think of all the platforms you use in the face-to-face world and the digital world to share your story as a big funnel. Your interactions with others on these platforms go into the top of the funnel. They work their way to the bottom of the funnel to find your call-to-action. Your call-to-action is the invitation to buy your book.”

Steve Spillman, Founder, True Potential

“I wrote the book Financial Peace based on all that Sharon and I had learned, and I began selling it out of my car.”

Dave Ramsey

Financial Talk Show Celebrity, Best Selling Author, Ramsey Solutions, Inc.

Lesson 7:

Three Questions about your call to action:

Question 1: If someone asked to buy my book, am I ready to sell it then and there?

If someone asked to buy your book, could you sell him a copy? Being “in front of an audience” doesn’t just mean speaking to a group. It could mean having a conversation with someone in your home, at your church, at your place of business, even on the street. If that person asked to buy your book would you be able to sell it to him then and there?

I know authors who always carry a carton of their book (or books) in the trunk of their car in case the opportunity to sell a book or two arises through a conversation (you’d be surprised how many books are sold from the trunk of a car). Internationally famous financial guru and best-selling author Dave Ramsey began his career selling his books from the trunk of his car.

​Question 2: Do my Social Media accounts provide a path for someone to buy my book?

Do your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter or other accounts include links to learn more about or buy your book? Why not? As an author, your goal is to share your story with the world, and that means selling books. Your Social Media platforms give you access to the world, use that access to share your story and sell your books.

All of your Social Media profiles and pages should include a link back to your website or to a page where visitors can buy your book. You never want to share your message without offering an opportunity to learn more about your book and facilitating a way to purchase it.

Question 3: Does my website provide a path for visitors to buy my book?

If you’re serious about selling books and you don’t have a website, you’re not really serious about selling books. Your website may share your story, and it may share something about you.  It may give you a platform to share other thoughts with the world, but if you’re an author, its ultimate purpose is to sell books. Consider your website a funnel. People may arrive at your website for a lot of reasons, and they may arrive on any of the pages or posts (which are also pages); how and where they arrive is the top of the funnel. However they get there, wherever they land, make sure there’s a path to your call to action, an invite to buy your book. That call to action is the bottom of the funnel; it’s where you want every site visitor to end up.


Are you optimizing every platform to provide an opportunity to buy your book? Review all of the platforms, face-to-face and digital, in which you interact with your potential audience. Ask your self these questions:

  1. In my real life, face-to-face world, do I facilitate the opportunity to share my message and for someone to buy my book?
  2. Do my Social Media accounts offer visitors, followers, and friends the opportunity to learn more about my book and a path to purchasing it?
  3. Is there a clear path on my website to learn more about the book and an easy way to purchase it??

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