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Famoriyo Overcoming Emotional BaggageOvercoming Emotional Baggage

Women who have been entangled in the female hybrid traps quickly discover their personal effectiveness and productivity diminishes as they live unbalanced, unfulfilled, stressed, unhappy and purposeless lives marred by an inability to fully realize their inherent potential and freely be the women God created them to be. More often than not, they become prone to addictive, compulsive or impulsive behaviours, which in turn make all their efforts at succeeding in life counterproductive. While they may experience spurts of accomplishment, real, lasting success eludes those who deviate from the path God has set out for them. Overcoming Emotional Baggage is a must read for the modern woman of today who wants to be free of the emotional entanglements of life-freeing her to live as the woman she was created to be. Once this has been achieved, she will be free to embark on a life of true contentment, inner peace, meaning and lasting success.

About the author

Gladys-FamoriyoGrace (formerly Gladys) Famoriyo is an award-winning and bestselling author who speaks internationally. She has been in the transformational industry for over 19 years and remains passionate about empowering people, especially women, so they live purposefully, maximizing their wealth of experiences, talents and skills, whilst making a positive difference in their worlds. In March 2015, she was awarded the Inspirational Woman Award by Wise Women Awards for her efforts in this field.

Grace is a prolific writer and has been known to write a book in a weekend! On a mission to change people’s lives and support them in maximizing their potentials, she continues to write books, programs and resources. Some of her publications include:

Grace consider herself to be a bit of a ‘geek’. As a former IT Consultant, she fuses her passion to develop people with technology (a ‘learning-technology mashup‘ as she calls it) to promote learning and engagement. Whilst studying for her second Masters degree, which was in Publishing, her dissertation, where she developed learning products for busy professionals, won ‘Best Project‘ in the UK (2013). She also won the Lutterworths Prize for coming top of the class and was a joint winner for the prestigious Cambridge University Press bursary for developing an engaging publishing blog. She is currently developing some ‘learning-technology mashups’ (watch this space…).

Grace uses her Academy to develop and coach authors, speakers and leaders, offering expert advice, coaching, training and consultancy for those serious about developing their expertise.

As a passionate philanthropist,Grace founded Gladys Famoriyo Ministries which oversees a number of initiatives to meet the holistic needs of women. One of such is the Overcoming Emotional Baggage for Women Initiative that aims to promote emotional wellbeing through conferences, retreats, seminars/workshops, and much more. Her latest project is the Bounce Back Initiative that helps people flip their challenging life situations on its head, create meaning and purpose out of it, positively transform their lives whilst proactively taking action to help others. Gladys is also an Ambassador for Compassion UK.

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