God’s Wisdom For a Fair and Just World

There is one lie powerful enough to seduce the entire world and compel all of humanity into anarchy, rebellion, rioting, and the destruction of civilization as we know it. It’s playing out right now in the streets of major cities around the globe. Thankfully, it’s not too late to discover the simple truth that can bring peace, safety, and justice to our world!

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What is happening in America and many of the first-world nations is not to make the nations better. It certainly is not to make our streets less violent or to create a better Constitution. What is happening in countries around the world is a game of deception. Through corrupt news media, with corrupt politicians’ support, our citizens’ ignorance is being exploited.

There are very real problems around the globe; however, every citizen living in a country where there is rioting, social unrest, and economic instability must realize that deceit is the tool. The exaggeration of real problems provides misdirection. While you’re looking at the events unfolding before your eyes, those who intend to steal your freedom are robbing you blind! The goal is the collapse of your economy and the takeover of your country. Even this is a tool; it is not the goal. The goal is an elitist world, with no middle class, where there are the uber-wealthy and those who serve them.

Jesus foretold these events and provided the tools and strategies necessary to overcome these godless pursuits. In this book, I will remind you of Jesus’ warnings and strategies. Then, like any sickness, a proper diagnosis can show us the path to the cure!

Believers need to stand for Jesus more than political figures, put godly values ahead of political correctness, and walk in love according to God’s Word. More than being Woke, we are to be the light in a dark world, the salt that heals, and the standard that changes the world and restores true justice!”

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