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Doug NolanJ. Douglas Nolan is a writer, speaker and business owner.

As adventurous entrepreneurs Douglas and his wife, Michelle, love challenges! They invest their lives in both projects and relationships that have the potential to flourish and grow.

Nolan’s journey has been one rife with joy and jeopardy, incredible dreams and unfortunate disasters, the sweetness of honey and the bitterness of gall. Yet, looking back he wouldn’t trade the experience for anything. Although, given the chance to do it again, he would definitely opt out of some of the painful events; he would never want to lose the life lessons those events taught him.

He remains on a pilgrimage to know God better and to share God’s incredible love and power with others.


Restoring Your Vision

Restoring Your Vision

“The story of Blind Bartimaeus offers hope. Scripture often says Jesus was ‘moved with compassion.’ This miracle, and many others, were demonstrations of love. They were statements that:

  • People have value.
  • God is good.
  • He cares about us.

Bartimaeus’ story is a moving drama of how God cares about humanity. It is more than just a blind man who recovered his sight. In this story God reveals something about His nature and character, and His path to our wholeness.

Like the opening melody of a great musical score, this story gives way to layers of truths that God has built into the text. With each line there is a new stanza that builds upon the previous melody. In the end, a grand chorus climaxes to a tremendous crescendo.
Two basic lessons apply.

First, the underlying concept or truth that is the basis for this story. God wants us to know:

  • Something about Him.
  • Something about us.
  • Something about life.

Second, like the ‘movements’ of a great musical masterpiece, these truths build with each new verse.
In the end, we see a series of basic steps whereby we can regain our vision and become whole.”

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