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Please! Don’t Marry a Caterpillar!

Please! Don't Marry a CaterpillarThis book is dedicated to the memory of Morgan Benton. Morgan’s life ended by a decision to walk across a train bridge which appeared safe when she started. It is the purpose of this book to help girls of all ages make the right decisions for their lives so that the memory of Morgan Benton is as she would have wanted, for others.

This book is also dedicated to my wife Shawne, who put up with me in my late caterpillar stage and forgives my unacceptable caterpillar flashbacks. I thank God for her smiling face and His unending grace.

I also want to thank the hundreds of female patients who encouraged me to write this book because of their decisions not to marry or expect too much from caterpillars. At the time of this publication, to the best of my knowledge, not one of over three hundred girls who have heard this story have chosen to become pregnant prior to marriage.
Dr. James ‘Andy’ Barron


Dr. James ‘Andy’ Barron

Andy BarronDr. Barron has lived in Central Texas for over twenty years. He met his wife, from Baytown, Texas, in dental school where they were first lab partners, then were married after their first year of dental school. An award winning pediatric dentist, she gave up her career to become a full time mother to their three sons, Beaux, Drew, and Daniel, who are now launching careers in engineering and law, and twin daughters, Hannah and Lydia, who are still at home. If he is not at work, Dr. Barron has a full time job as a dad or coach.

Dr. Barron has a deep interest for missionary work which has taken him to India, China, Russia, Mexico, Uganda, and most recently, Haiti. His passion is to help when and where  help is needed and where his heart is called to help. Though he realizes none of us can save the world, he finds it awesome to be allowed to see God work through something in which he is participating.

Dr. Barron has been honored to be a sponsor and buyer for the Bell County Livestock Show and Rodeo for the past twenty years, purchasing from his patients winning entries, including the Grand Champion Steer, twice.  Additionally, through his practice, he sponsors the Excelling In Life Program, through which students from area high school are chosen by their counselors to receive the Excelling In Life Award.  College scholarships are then awarded to an Excelling In Life winner from each school or area.  Similarly, Dr. Barron has established a teen advisory board which will be a vehicle for future scholarships. Through his practice, Dr. Barron also sponsors youth sports, dance teams, gymnastic competitions, children and youth missions, band concerts, basketball benefits, golf tournaments for Communities In Schools, high school choir concerts, and anything else in which his patients participate.

At about this same time I came across another video by Scott Clarke concerning another heavenly phenomenon. Again, I knew that Clarke was on to something, but I wasn’t going to be totally convinced until I had examined the data.

The project just grew from there, and with my continually asking the Holy Spirit for knowledge, wisdom and understanding, eventually I gained so many “fascinating” insights that I felt compelled to put them down in writing.


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