Jon Campbell

Room 6060

Of Death and Hope … Of Grief and Joy

Room 6060 is a powerful, tender, tearful journey. In many ways, it’s an Easter story: a reflection of and only possible through that first Easter Story.

We will all walk the path that leads beyond the sojourn we know here. Through doors that may seem dark, this path leads to a new home, much better than the one we left. Jesus called it, “entering life.”

Room 6060 tells the story of Joyce Jefferson’s final days on this inevitable path, and of her entering that life her Savior promised. But this is more the story of Jon and his family, who knew Joyce as Nanny, and shared her final days here with her. It’s a story of hospitals, family, grief, waiting, crying, singing, and coming to terms with losing someone you love to eternity.

For those who share the promise of eternal life, the process of losing a loved one to that eternal life involves grief, the treasure of reliving precious memories, the heartache of goodbyes, and ultimately, the joy of knowing that a loved one is now in paradise, and that there will, one day, be a reunion.

Room 6060 also includes practical words of comfort and hope from mental health and ministry leaders for those of us who remain and must face our grief, our sorrow, or our doubt.

Room 6060 is a poetic and touching story that all of us, in some way, will experience. It’s also a path for us to follow when that time comes.

About the author

Jon CampbellJon likes to think he’s an aficionado of the good stuff in life. Slow-sipping the day away in coffee shops. Reaching mountain summits and thinking, okay, the pain in my legs is maybe worth it. Remembering the good ol’ days when he used to skateboard and be good at sports. Making music and inside jokes with friends and family. Or, just talking in weird voices to his wife while she tries to act like she doesn’t love it.

Jon holds a BA in Psychology from Emmanuel College and will finish his MDiv at Regent University in Fall 2021. Currently, he serves as the Director of Residence Life at his alma mater. Jon holds credentials as a licensed minister in the IPHC Conference’s LifePoint Ministries and will seek ordination in Fall 2021. He also serves on staff with The Awakening—the youth and college department within IPHC World Missions.

Jon and his wife, Erica, live to connect the Church with her priority mission: to make disciples of all nations. Together, they co-labor to shape young people into mature disciples who will make other disciples by embracing a Great Commission lifestyle.


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