Room 6060

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Of Death and Hope … Of Grief and Joy


Room 6060 is a powerful, tender, tearful journey. In many ways, it’s an Easter story: a reflection of and only possible through that first Easter Story.

We will all walk the path that leads beyond the sojourn we know here. Through doors that may seem dark, this path leads to a new home, much better than the one we left. Jesus called it, “entering life.”

Room 6060 tells the story of Joyce Jefferson’s final days on this inevitable path, and of her entering that life her Savior promised. But this is more the story of Jon and his family, who knew Joyce as Nanny, and shared her final days here with her. It’s a story of hospitals, family, grief, waiting, crying, singing, and coming to terms with losing someone you love to eternity.

For those who share the promise of eternal life, the process of losing a loved one to that eternal life involves grief, the treasure of reliving precious memories, the heartache of goodbyes, and ultimately, the joy of knowing that a loved one is now in paradise and that there will, one day, be a reunion.

Room 6060 also includes practical words of comfort and hope from mental health and ministry leaders for those of us who remain and must face our grief, our sorrow, or our doubt.

Room 6060 is a poetic and touching story that all of us, in some way, will experience. It’s also a path for us to follow when that time comes.

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1 review for Room 6060

  1. Blake Rackley, PsyD

    Room 6060 is the collaborative work of Jon Campbell and others who have journeyed through grief in several different ways. Jon has done an amazing job here! I spent the early morning minutes one Saturday walking the hospital halls and sing with his family in Nanny’s room. I prepared myself through Chris Maxwell’s chapter and swim through Russell’s chapter with hope that there would be a shore to rest on when done. I read through my own words written 4 months ago, and they seemed foreign to me. I allowed myself to be ministered by Becky’s words, while allowing myself the opportunity to struggle with the reasons and meaning of my brother’s death through Jon’s chapter. I came to the conclusion and Whitney’s premise that death isn’t fair because we were never meant to feel loss when we were created for eternity. 142 pages. Many tears. Tons of emotions. One truth: grieving shows us that we have loved someone beyond ourselves, yet grieving isn’t the end of things but the beginning of our need for eternity! There is a lot of humanity within these pages. There will be tears and there will be healing, though healing isn’t the end destination. For those of us who name Jesus as our Savior, there will be reuniting of those we have lost soon. Truly, buy a copy today. There will be countless people it will minister to!

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