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It's All About the HeartIt’s All About the Heart

The wind swirled through the trees while a gust of cold air slapped Jannie in the face as she walked toward the line of buildings at the end of the street. Ten more steps. She lifted the collar on her coat and clasped it with her left hand to keep the icy draft from blowing on her neck. Just as she reached the entrance of the first grey stone building, a splash of rain hit her.

“No umbrella,” she thought. She pushed the heavy wooden door open and stumbled inside. The warm smell of coffee and baked goods enveloped her, helping her to quickly forget where she had just been…

Thus begins Jannie’s journey of the heart. Elderly Mr. Sherman, with whom she shares afternoon tea, quickly becomes a mentor, sharing wisdom collected over the years. He relates his wisdom about career, identity and relationship, but mostly about the heart, where our response to life really happens.

Mr. Sherman shares with her, “Maybe the best lessons ARE learned through experience and not from books. The lessons that stick with us are the ones we learn with our hearts.”

In the same way, lessons of the heart can often be learned more effectively through a story than a textbook. It’s All About the Heart is Jannie’s story. It is a tale of discovery, and lessons learned about the issues of the heart.

Share Jannie’s story. Learn the lessons of the heart and take them into your own story.

About the author

Lenore SchurLenore Schur was born and raised in small-town Saskatchewan on the Canadian Prairies. She began writing her first novel at age 11 in longhand on foolscap paper, but she shelved her manuscript when cramps in her hand set in after 14 handwritten pages. But her love of writing was born, and it would manifest in one form or another throughout the rest of her life. Her first magazine article was published in 1989, and she went on to work as a staff writer for a magazine publisher. As a freelance writer, she later wrote magazine articles and advertising copy for tourism publications. It’s All About the Heart is her first novel.




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