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Why Sit Here Til We Die?Why Sit Here Til We Die?

As I sit here on my couch, I reminisce of happier times – times when I was full of life and strength, married to a wonderful husband, with beautiful children that brought more joy than words could express, a Christian family full of hope for the future. Then came the dreaded news of a potentially terminal disease. MG has now taken its toll. Where is my healing? Where is my word of faith? Have I sinned? Is there something wrong with me? Am I not worthy? The questions plagued the very core of my heart. I had to face the facts; I was a prisoner of my own body. I felt like a castaway on a deserted island in my own home. Even though I had everything at my fingertips, no one could really reach me, at least not emotionally. There was no doubt that my husband and children loved me, yet we sometimes seem worlds apart. Even now, in the middle of the night, they are sleeping in their beds while I sit on the family room couch, my twenty-four hour home, wide awake and all alone. This couch has become my play area, my sleep area, and my dining area. The place where I would die and in the company of the ones I love, I would die alone. I stand at the crossroads of life and death and I have a choice. There are two journeys, both impossible to face with confidence, but the choice is mine and mine alone. With all of the strength I have inside, I make the choice to journey the path of life. Why Sit Here Till We Die is a powerful testimony of winning over the impossible, with a heart that endearingly reaches out and embraces the healing truth of Jesus and gave that truth priority over physical circumstances.

About the author

Peggy KirchhoffPeggy was born in California, and raised near Caddo Gap, Arkansas. A farm girl at heart she married her childhood sweetheart Eddie. They have two children Jennifer and Craig, and five grandchildren. They have a very active family that does everything from kayaking to skydiving.

Peggy lived most of her married life in Pampa, Texas (near Amarillo), where she taught EMT’s for the local college. She loves thunderstorms, the woods and what it offers, the farm and being close to nature, a good book and the word of God. Peggy was once shut off from the activities of her very active family because of her illness, but now is able to participate with her family and all the good things that go along with grandchildren.



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