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The 4 Volume One New Man Bible Companion Library: the perfect study companion for the One New Man Bible.

4 volumes, 1,200 pages, 900 indexed subjects between these four volumes!


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Amazing Features

In-depth commentary and understanding of Hebrew Roots and idioms found in the One New Man Bible. Discusses common errors in many traditional english translations. Professionally bound, 6″ x 9″ trade format on press quality paper. Clear, readable print.


Four Voume Set

This four-volume set makes a wonderful addition to the One New Man Bible library.

1,200 Pages

55 chapters, 900 subjects, maps and index to each volume.

900 indexed subjects

Articles with in-depth insights and teaching from the One New Man Bible

A wonderful guide to use alongside of your One New Man Bible…this amplifies your understanding of One New Man Bible. Very good companion.
Craig Averell
Amazon reviewer


The definitive source of Hebrew Roots teaching for Christians

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6″ x 9″ Trade Paperback. Professional Quality Printing.

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The One New Man Bible,Truth Before Tradition

What is in the One New Man Bible Companion Library?

Chapters include:
Chapters include:

  • God, The Father
  • Holy Spirit 
  • Messiah 
  • Appreciating God
  • Covenant 
  • Hebrew Text
  • Greek Text
  • Myths
  • Words
  • Teachings 
  • Jewish roots
  • Repentance 
  • Patriarchs, Moses, Judges, and Kings
  • Bible Weights and Measures
  • Hebrew Months 
  • Map of United Kingdom
  • Power of God
  • Heroines
  • Two Valid Interpretations of the Same Scripture
  • God’s Sense of Humor
  • Myths
  • Rebellion and Idolatry
  • Do Not Judge
  • Teachings
  • Traditions of Ours
  • Mysteries
  • Jewish Roots
  • First Century Israel
  • Faith
  • Orders
  • Kings of Judah, the Good and the Bad
    Map of First Century Israel
    God is Love
    Special Blessings for Israel
    Judgment for Israel
    A Look at Several Characters
    The Big Challenge: Immorality
    Jewish Roots
  • Throne of the Lord
    Are You In or Out
    Nehemiah’s Amazing Ministry
    Little Known Prophets
  • Impossible Miracles
    Reluctant Leaders
    Attack on the Family
    Y’shua’s Parables
    Living God
    Preach the Kingdom
    Wealth of Egypt
    Wilderness Camps of Israel
    Obedience is Required
    God Does Test His Saints
    Maps of The Exodus, Israel, Paul’s Journeys

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