Stephanie Conyers

Prayer God's Secret Formula for WealthPrayer: God’s Secret Formula For Wealth

Everyone wants to be wealthy. You can be wealthy. It is God’s will to prosper you. Many needless consequences that keep us from reaching our destiny can be avoided if we would just pray first and often. The evidence of a mature Christian is one who recognizes the voice of God. But this is not enough. God has a plan for your life. To maximize your greatest potential, you must learn how to respond to God when He speaks. A mature believer knows how to accept when God says, “No.” It is necessary for all believers to understand that God’s will is for our benefit and protection. All things are always working together for our good, even when the answer ito our prayer is “No.” We must trust that God has placed before us an open door that provides access to all of His great riches by Christ Jesus. Likewise, it is important to remember that in all of our getting, we must have understanding and thereby, grow in God’s grace and His wisdom. This book is about yielding our little so that God will give the increase. Glory is no small matter to God.

About the author

Stephanie ConyersStephanie Conyers was born in Baltimore, Maryland and attended Towson State University. Her parents, employing Godly principles, raised seven children (three adopted). Between family, friends and church members, they nurtured over 500 foster children. As Pastor and Founder of the family s home church, Stephanie s father passed down a family legacy of music, art, business, caregiving and writing. In keeping with tradition three of her parents children are fourth-generation ordained ministers, and Stephanie and her sister are married to ministers. Stephanie and husband, Carlton, also carried on the tradition of adoption, with two beautiful sons for whom they are most grateful. Since she was a girl, words have captured her attention and she began writing at a young age. Prayer: God’s Secret Formula to becoming Wealthy is Stephanie s third book in the Prayer: God’s Secret Formula (PGSF) Series. The messages contained in these books were inspired through her personal dialogue with God. Not only does Stephanie believe that God hears prayer but she knows from experience that He answers. Stephanie speaks and conducts biblical seminars through her company, Thy Will Be Done Promotions. It is her endeavor to study God s Word daily and hear what He has to say about every situation she may face. Stephanie is a breast cancer survivor and a member of the Presidential Prayer Team; her other interests include reading, journaling, crocheting, and all things needlework. Recently, she has become an avid football fan, but the roles she performs most seriously are those of wife, mother and intercessor.