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We Need More of HimWe Need More of Him

We Need More of Him is really three books in one:
Part One: A clear and concise study of the book of Revelation with supporting Scriptural passages taken from 40 other books of the Bible.
Part Two: Twenty-One Attributes of Heaven.

  • How will Heaven be far different than you may have imagined?
  • How will the Saints interact and rule the nations of the new earth?
  • What will be the responsibilities and the privileges of the Saints?

Part Three: Reaches into the prophetic and makes observations of:

  • The coming world economies.
  • How God will provide for those who trust in Him.
  • The Two Churches.
  • Those things regarding Israel.
  • Things of the Spirit.

The topics discussed in We Need More of Him make this book different than any other book on Revelation and Heaven you may have previously read. They will affect the lifestyles of every person on the planet and the coming changes will be beyond our wildest imaginations. We Need More of Him introduces great clarity into the end-times.

About the author

Steve GrableSaved and filled with the Holy Spirit in the 1980’s, Steve Grable has been receiving dreams and prophetic words for nearly thirty years. One of his continual prayers almost from the day he began his relationship with the Lord has been, “Please Lord, show me the hidden things”. It is his hope that this book will bring to you a greater revelation, an unveiling of the hidden things of God. Steve was born in Indianapolis. A former Marine and Vietnam veteran, he has made Florida home since 1976. Steve founded two printing companies in his business career and is an avid sailor and golfer.

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