In my business planning for True Potential Media in the new year and the goals I was setting (revenue, expenses, net profit, etc.), it occurred to me this morning to ask God what He would have me do in the business, what His goals were for the business in the new year. I found out that He wasn’t nearly as interested in my business goals as He was in His ‘Steve’ goals.

This is what He told me:

  1. I want you to obey
  2. Act on what you know I would have you do
  3. Follow your own advice
  4. Keep your promises
  5. Guard your heart
  6. Trust Me

Now that I look at them, the ‘Steve’ goals He has for me really are the business goals He has for me. I can’t separate what He wants for my life from what He would want for my business – they’re the same. The business is just one expression of my life. His goals for me have to do with daily behavior and attitude rather than point in time benchmarks (revenue, expenses, net profit, etc.). And now that I think about it, I wasn’t really asking about the benchmarks (I had them in mind already); I was asking ‘What do you want me to do?’ and hoping He would tell me how to do it. I think that’s what He did. Funny how He answered the real question instead of what came out of my mouth.

Whether you want to publish your Christian book or reach the world with your ministry’s vision, have you thought about what His goals might be for you in the new year?

What do you think His ‘business’ plan is for you? I’d love to hear what God has in mind for you.