True Potential author Lenore Schur  (It’s All About the Heart) had a book signing recently. I asked her to share the experience, what went well, and what she might do differently at future books signings.

I’ll share her thoughts here for inspiration. You can take away any ideas for your next (or first!) book signing!

Lenore Schur Book Signing

Lenore Schur Book Signing

Where did you have the book signing? Any lessons learned about the venue?

I had it in the private room of a local restaurant owned by friends of mine. I would confirm a date sooner – I only knew a little more than a week ahead. But the restaurant had its own issues which included the owners’ 3-year-old son being diagnosed with cancer. That is one of the reasons I pushed for having it there. It was a cross-promotion.

How was the book signing experience for you?

As far as the experience? I absolutely loved it. The venue was perfect, the food was fabulous! Many people braved the weather to be there to support me and a lot of them I didn’t expect to come. Most people were just so excited to meet a ‘real’ author. Especially someone that they knew.

Anything you would do differently?

The only regret was that my kids weren’t there. I would have liked to have at least one of them act as my ‘administrative assistant’ / errand boy. The only pictures of the actual event were ones that I took. It would have been nice to have a helper/photographer.

Was the book signing worthwhile?

Would I do it again? Absolutely, in a heartbeat. I would do it every week!

Any future marketing/publicity plans?

  • I am running a Valentine’s giveaway on Facebook because Valentine’s Day is “All About the Heart”! 
  • I have been invited to a local book club that will be reading my book in April. 

How about you? Do you have a book in you? Are you working on your manuscript? Is it finished? Is this your year for a success story?

If you’re ready to “go for it” I’d like to talk to you about your book. I sure would like to be telling other potential authors about your success story next year. Use the form below to tell me where you are in the process and we’ll set up a time to talk.