Share your story with the world.

Share your story with the world.

I haven’t written in the last two weeks.

I’ve been wanting to write sooner but we’ve been very busy this holiday season with the other side of our business; selling books.

If you’re an author, it’s important to have a publisher whose business is selling books rather than just selling authors, don’t you think?

I recently read a statement from the world’s largest Christian self-publishing company. “Our company has published more than 10,000 titles and sold more than one million books.” I think they meant it as something to be proud of.

I thought about his statement and understood immediately the business this company was in. They were in the business of selling authors.

The reason his statement struck me so keenly is that True Potential certainly is not the biggest Christian publisher in any category. We’ve published about 200 titles, but we’ve sold more than one million books. More than 80% of our revenue comes from selling books.

We’re in the book business. If you’re an author, that’s important.

We’ve shared some wonderful, inspiring, enlightening stories with the world this holiday season. Among several, three of my favorites are:

Each of these books has a message to share with the world. Each author is uniquely qualified to tell their story. Each book will reach its audience and enrich the lives of its readers. That’s why reaching the world with our authors’ stories is so important to us. We measure that reach by the books we sell.

Because our authors are the source of the books we sell, finding and developing new authors is crucial to our success. There are seasons for finding new authors and seasons for selling books.

As we wrap up our bookselling season for 2017 I anticipate the new authors we will publish and the new stories we will share with the world in 2018. If you’re ready, I hope your book is a part of that.

What are you anticipating for the New Year? Is 2018 the year you will be sharing your story with the world? I hope it is.

I wish you a very happy Christmas holiday and, as an author, a prosperous New Year.

Thanks and Blessings, and Merry Christmas