The Condition of Living: Building, Binding, Healing the Habitat Way

by Darlene Nixon available in time for World Habitat Day October 3, 2016.


The Cast:

  • A young cynical journalist, after a childhood of tragedy, makes his reputation with unsympathetic no-holds-barred reporting.
  • A middle aged newspaper editor who has lost something precious and doesn’t know how he’ll ever find it again.
  • A single mother with three kids, few options and a litter of pups she must either feed or find homes for.
  • A Habitat for Humanity volunteer who believes that a home is more than shelter.
The characters of this story are brought together by an uncharacteristic kind deed, a challenge, and a community project. In the midst of building a Habitat for Humanity house, they discover, to their surprise, that something much stronger binds them to one another – the condition of living.
How God brings people and situations together for His purpose, we can’t often comprehend, but the result is real. Habitat for Humanity is a tool used to help elevate God’s people out of terrible living conditions. When it also becomes a catalyst to create a Godly condition within a person’s heart, we can stand in awe of His grace and goodness.
Through the lives of those who played a role in this story we understand that Habitat for Humanity’s mantra of strength, stability and self-reliance through shelter will continue to bind neighbor to neighbor and heart to heart.