Traditional Advertising

Media Planning & Buying

Want the most bang for your media buck? We use data on demographics, geographies, and media impressions to build a calendar of advertising activity. We put your message where your target audience is most likely to see it and act upon it.

▪      Demographic targeting. We analyze of your target demographic groups and how they use media.

▪      Geographic targeting. Traditional media campaigns often have “spillover,” where some of your advertising falls outside your target demographic. We optimize your media plan to remove waste and free up capital.

▪      Price Negotiation. Media buying means negotiation, period. We research the most productive channels, negotiate the best rates and implement your ad placement. We’re experienced in all advertising channels — television, radio, print, guerilla, outdoor, search and Internet — and we have established relationships with major media outlets across the nation and Internet.

Print Advertising

If you’re a small business owner or a start-up, chances are you’ve considered the best ways to advertise your business. Print advertising usually tops of the list of potential advertising mediums. Speaking to your audience through print requires fresh succinct copy to unforgettable images. Our campaign experience ranges from regional newspapers to national trade  and consumer publications.

TV/Radio Advertising

Stories get attention, they’re easy to remember, and they create mental images that stick. That’s why they sell, and sell, and sell.

Telling moving stories is the key to reaching your audience with your message. Kodak doesn’t tell you to buy film. It says, “Once upon a time, there was a special moment in your life…an instant that will never return. We’ll help you capture it forever.”

We help you create moving stories and place them with the most effective TV and radio platforms.

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