A Comedy of Religious Proportions

Don't Tell the Rabbi: A Comedy of Religious Proportions

Don’t Tell the Rabbi: A Comedy of Religious Proportions

“SO, WHAT YOU’VE GOT IS ME, BABY. JUST ME TO TELL YOU what happened in Beulah, SC, the year the rabbi found out. But before I get into all that, I should tell you who you’re lookin’ at. I’m not very big for a pastor’s wife and I have red hair. The church won’t let me do anything—it’s Baptist—so I mainly get into trouble and try not to. When I say “red,” that’s a euphemism. My hair looks more like some random October maple—and I don’t allow ‘ginger’ …” 

And so it begins.

A wild and inspirational romp in the small town South. An inside look at the relationship (with commentary) between a rabbi, a minister, and an English professor … and what the rabbi discovers long after the whole town is buzzing.

If this was a stage play (and it should be) it would be a Tony Award contender!

Join the rabbi and friends on this hilarious, inspirational, revealing ride of spiritual enlightenment. Don’t Tell the Rabbi is a book you’ll want to share with friends.

We don’t publish a lot of fiction, but when we do, we do it right! You’ll love this book. For a free sample to get you hooked, (click here) to visit Sigrid Fowler’s author page.