I have a free gift for you (they won’t last long), but first I want to ask you a question

Have you ever thought about what it takes to be a successful author?

Chris Maxwell

Chris Maxwell

Chris Maxwell has written and published eight books, not including the more than twenty books he has co-authored and ghostwritten. Additionally, he has written hundreds of articles, reviews, curriculum, poetry, songs, commercials and speeches for various magazines, publishing companies, websites, and newspapers. He has written for Leadership Journal, God’s Word for Today, Ministry Today, The Orlando Sentinel, Charisma, Enrichment, LIVE, Lift, The Sonshine Bulletin and others.

Chris is also the campus pastor of Emmanuel College and an international advocate for the worldwide epilepsy community. He has hosted his own pilot TV series based on his Pause books, and, in addition to his “day job,” he speaks almost every weekend at churches, conventions, and seminars.

Chris Maxwell is a True Potential author. As his publisher, he’s a model of what I would define as a “successful” author.

Chris is not a “superstar celebrity” in the way our culture might define that term. He works a job, enjoys his wife and family, lives in a small town and drives a Chevy. But Chris is a successful author. He’s what I call a “commercial” author. That means his books earn more than they cost, and they promote other aspects of his life and career. Chris is paid to speak and he speaks more because of his books. He also sells books when he speaks which enhances his earnings each time he speaks. Being a speaker and being an author go together, they enhance each other.

True Potential has geared its publishing business around ministry and business professionals like Chris. Does that mean you need to write eight books or become a public speaker to be a True Potential author?


What it means is that you’ve written your book with the intent of sharing it with the world and you’re serious about your intent and your message. We’re serious about sharing your message with the world and we believe that you should be too. That’s why our most popular publishing plan includes 500 author’s copies. We expect you to sell books!

If you don’t want to sell books and you’re not really serious about sharing your message with the world, we’re not the publisher for you. But if your message is important enough for you to make the investment of writing the manuscript it’s important enough to take publishing and sharing it with the world seriously.

Chris Maxwell is a talented writer and speaker. He loves people and his work changes lives for the better. But what I love about Chris most, is that he takes sharing his message with the world seriously. He’s committed to it, and it shows.  As his publisher, I’m proud and excited to help him share his message with the world.

That’s why I’m inviting you to take this free gift.

Pause: The Secret to a Better Life One Word at a Time

Pause: The Secret to a Better Life, One Word at a Time is Chris Maxwell’s first book in the popular Pause series. It is a beautiful hardcover book, and the message inside is even more beautiful: “Slow down. See. Breathe. Think. Pray.”

This beautiful hardcover book is free to you. Just pay the shipping cost. If you want to avoid the shipping cost I’m happy to give you the e-version in pdf format, but I’d rather you hold Pause in your hands. Feel its weight, touch its pages, experience Pause in a way that only a printed book can give.

Pause is our gift to you, with the prayer that you will be blessed by it.

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