If you want to track your name, business, an investment, or anything else that might appear online then signing up for Google Alerts is your first step to make that happen. Google Alerts are emails that automatically notify you when Google has found a new item pertaining to your requested topic. If you or you own a business that gets press, you need to be signing up for these. In my situation, I have many clients that frequently add new content to the internet and get press that appears online in various ways. In other words Google Alerts is an essential tool for me.

Signing Up :

First : Search Google for Google Alerts select this link Google Alerts or go to http://www.google.com/alerts

After this it is pertly simple, following is an image of what you will see on the Google Alerts page.

Search terms : Enter the word or phrase you want to track. If you are entering more then two (2) words, I recomend added quotes i.e. Brian McCullough that way you will get only Brian and McCullough side by side and not a ton of emails with just Brian and then McCullough for something not regarding Brian.

Most of the time I will use multiple terms for one company, if a company is working with a specific type of technology or product then I will enter that too.

Type : I always go with comprehensive or “Everywhere”  because I like to read blogs not ot mention blog are important to track as they hold a lot of weight in search engines. I use video when applicable.

How often : Well thats up to you, for investments I would select as-it-happens for your own name I would select once a day. Just remember your going to be getting emails from Google everyday.

Your email : Remember that after you create a Alert you will be required to confirm the alert by opening a confirmation email and selecting a link that will activate you Google Alerts, so don’t forget.

For more help visit the Google Alerts Help Page, they did a great job breaking Google Alerts done for us.