face-sandI communicate with a lot of authors and soon-to-be authors each week. We talk through strategies and ideas on how best to share their work with readers, we talk about the state of the publishing industry, Christian publishing in particular, and how technology has solved the problem of millions of authors not getting published and, at the same time, created the problem of none of them actually being heard above the noise of the crowd.

We usually discuss and often solve, a particular problem the author is experiencing in creating his or her book, in getting it published, in getting it noticed, and in where they should go from there.

Here’s an example: Chuck, one of our authors, came to us with a problem – friends, family and church members had bought his book (a few hundred copies) but after that, sales died; not slowed down – died. Chuck called we talked about the book, his intended audience, ideas that might work for dramatically improving the book’s ‘packaging’ (it’s cover and interior layout) and then ways we might expand his audience. Chuck’s message never changed, just the way we shared it with the world. Today Chuck has a great message wrapped in a really nice book, being shared with a greater audience each day (click here to see Chuck’s book).

That process didn’t start with our marketing genius, a great blog post or a magazine advertisement. It started with an e-mail that asked the question, “Can you help me with a problem with my book.” And with a discussion, me listening first, then us solving the ‘problem’ together. Some great strategies never go out of style.

Where are you in the publishing process? Working on a manuscript? Done with your manuscript but don’t know the next step? Have you published your book, but just can’t seem to get traction in selling it? Need some help putting your work on a success track?

Let’s talk about your book. But instead of just you and me, let’s open your question and our problem solving to the True Potential tribe. Use the comment section below to tell us about your book and where you are in the process, then let’s try to take you and your book to the next level. This should be fun and it’s bound to be productive! Fire away, we’re all ears.