Together 2016 to include 12,000 service projects

By Chris Maxwell

National MallWASHINGTON D.C. — Crowds will gather in Washington DC this summer. The sound will hit high volume. But this event won’t be a ball game, a superstar’s performance, a political protest, or a presidential debate. Those who travel to the nation’s capital won’t be there for pleasure or rebellion or politics.

They will come together and pray. They are seeking to worship together. They are hoping to experience God’s love together.

On July 16, 2016, in the National Mall of Washington DC, followers of Christ from around the world will meet for Together 2016. Their plans? To pray for a new revival to come.

Well-known artists and leaders like Hillsong United, Lecrae, Francis Chan, David Crowder, Kirk Franklin, Ravi Zacharias, Christine Caine, Matthew West, Casting Crowns, Josh McDowell, Luis Palau, Mark Batterson, Tasha Cobbs, Michael W. Smith, and many others plan to help guide this gathering. Youth groups and ministry organizations will team up to meet together, pray together, and serve together.

Nick Hall, the visionary voice of Together 2016, believes now is the time and DC is the place.

“Something powerful happens when we come together,” said Hall, who is the founder of the student-led evangelism movement PULSE. “In today’s live-stream generation, in the time where it is possible to be everywhere all at once, it is also possible to be nowhere ever. Though we can be everywhere at once, we are also prone to never really be anywhere. So, there is something about getting together in person. It matters to God when we show up in person, when we gather together. That is what we plan to see in Together 2016.”

But there is more going on than gathering together. Organizers seek more than large numbers and excitement. Their four goals are to pray, learn, share, and love. How do they plan to share the love they learn about and pray for? By viewing this event as America’s Mission Trip, Together 2016 is planning 12,000 service projects. This summer event isn’t ending with a thrill of the moment.

Hall believes that prayer and service come together. They hope to sing about love and learn how to live this life, all while showing the reality of what they believe. With a yearning to see God’s people move from competition and division to unity and revival, Hall hears the 18-30 somethings crying out, “We’re doing this.”

The Together 2016 team is determined to dive in and see this large vision become a reality.

“Through history there have been historical moments of revival where the masses could assemble together,” Hall said, remembering Explo 72, Promise Keepers, and the many crusades led by Rev. Billy Graham. “These were significant events where people united to seek God. Culture was changed.”

Hall sees the need for something similar but different in the present.

“This generation is rising up to lead toward a historic event that will shift our culture,” said Hall. “This young generation has people struggling with depression, self-harm, suicide, and addiction at frightening rates. But Jesus is calling us to gather together and see our generation changed forever.”

During this political season, can people unite in Washington DC to unite, to pray, to worship, to serve? Not only does Hall and the Together 2016 team believe this will occur and be considered a success, they also believe this is just the beginning of the nation and world entering a new season of spiritual awakening. Five thousand prayer groups believe it is possible. Leaders from around the world believe it is possible.

Hall sees it as not only possible, but also essential: “Each of us needs a reset, and Jesus offers everyone a supernatural reset. We believe Jesus can do unprecedented things in our time. Our dream is for more than one million people from all backgrounds to be part of this generation-defining day. We have so much at our fingertips. We can’t miss this opportunity.”

To learn more, visit www.reset2016.com. Follow Together 2016 on Twitter: @JesusIsTheReset.


Chris Maxwell, campus pastor for Emmanuel College, is an international speaker about life with epilepsy and the author of seven books, including his latest, “Pause with Jesus: Encountering His Story in Everyday Life.” www.chrismaxwell.me | Twitter: @CMaxMan